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In which languages (*) could you support a CD project (proficiency level should be adequate so that you could also hold presentations and do trainings in this language)?
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In which countries have you worked on CD projects?
Do you have experience in ...
Cluster twinning
CSR in a cluster context
Innovation in a cluster context
Cluster based finance schemes
Export Consortia development
Monitoring & Evaluation of CD projects
Gender issues a cluster context
Poverty alleviation through CD
Development of BDS in a cluster context
Energy efficiency in clusters
Cluster policy advisory

worked in min. 2 clusters on the respective issue and or drafted methodological texts on the subject
worked in/managed a project where the respective subject was an issue, but not directly implemented related activities
Short (cluster-relevant) bio statement (*) (max. 200 words):
Have you ever worked as Cluster Development Agent (CDA)?
yes   no
Have you been trained specifically on the UNIDO CD approach?
yes   no
Have you ever been employed under a UNIDO cluster development project?
yes   no
How many clusters have you assisted as a CDA?
In which sectors have you worked on CD projects?
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Mining and quarrying
Manufacturing of food products
Manufacturing of beverages
Manufacturing of textiles
Manufacturing of leather and related products
Manufacturing of wood products and/or furniture
Manufacturing of paper and paper products
Manufacturing of coke and refined petroleum products
Manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products
Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
Manufacturing of rubber and plastics products
Manufacturing of other non-metallic mineral products
Manufacturing of basic metals and metal products
Manufacturing of computer, electronic and optical products
Manufacturing of electrical equipment
Manufacturing of machinery and equipment
Manufacturing of motor vehicles or other transport equipment
Manufacturing of other
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Wholesale and retail trade
Transportation and storage
Information and communication
Financial and insurance activities
Real estate activities
Arts, entertainment and recreation