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Cluster Selection

A well-designed and executed selection process is a precondition for a successful initiative. It permits the identification of clusters where the impact of the intervention can be maximized given available time and resources...


Governance & CDA

This section presents an introduction to the role and functions of a Cluster Development Agent (CDA) as well as to the overall cluster governance system...


Cluster Diagnostics

This section presents an introduction to "Cluster Diagnostic Study" - an action-oriented and participatory exercise, which follows the process of cluster selection and provides the basis for the formulation and implementation of cluster action plans. ..


Vision Building & Action Planning

This section will show you how to analyze and use the information collected during the diagnostic study (cluster diagnostics) to guide the processes of vision building and action planning in your cluster...



This section will explore the issues involved in implementation of activities and sustainability within the context of cluster development initiatives...


Monitoring & Evaluation

This section presents an introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in the context of pro-poor cluster development initiatives...