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This interactive platform serves as a repository of background information on the UNIDO Approach to Cluster Development and associated training tools and other resources.
It contains the detailed methodological steps of the UNIDO Approach, which are presented in the form of different training modules or phases. They are accompanied by tried and tested resources, including self-assessments, quizzes, presentations, videos, case studies as well as templates that can be used to facilitate the implementation of cluster development initiatives. A particular focus has been placed on practical tools to facilitate the design as well as the management and monitoring of the implementation of cluster development initiatives. It should be noted here that while the tools have been tried and tested, they do not represent an exhaustive and final list. Cluster development initiatives follow similar principles, but also require adaptation to the local context and new market requirements. Through the platform and continuous exchange, but also through learning from new cluster development initiatives, such tools will be updated over time and complemented and enriched by new resources and experiences.
This platform further seeks to connect cluster development experts and support institutions at the global level. The Expert Network and list of partner institutions include contact information and information on their respective areas of expertise. UNIDO itself will be happy to act as an intermediary and facilitator.
The platform should be considered as complementary to the UNIDO website of the Clusters and Business Linkages Unit , which contains more information on the UNIDO Cluster and Network Development Programme and past and present technical cooperation projects.