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Artem Welker
First Name
Last Name
WelkerMedia & WM Foundation
Founder & CEO
Country of Residence
United States
City of Residence
Los Angeles

Artem Welker is a tech and social impact entrepreneur, advocate
for change and author. Over the past decade, he has been
involved in various tech, media and social impact ventures which
have been featured by world-known organizations including
WEF, BBC, MIT and etc.

For today he is a founder at WelkerMedia & WM Foundation
(also WarmPlace network) impact group that helps
underrepresented creatives (and related ventures) to be noticed.
He also leads WarmPlace Agenda think tank that empowers a
new generation of emerging changemakers. Along with, he is an
author of upcoming book - "Generation 404" (Release - Autumn


✓ Expert at World Economic Forum Network;
✓ Mentor at Founder Institute;
✓ Mentor at Unreasonable Institute;
✓ Mentor at MassChallenge;
✓ Mentor at Beta-i.

✓ CoFounder at LikeHack;
✓ CoFounder at HardwareTech.

/Interests & Causes/
✓ Venture Capital, Private Equity, Social Ventures, Social
Social Change, Philantropy, Nonprofits, Technology For Change,
Change Agenda, Digital Rights, Digital Platforms,
Cryptocurrency, Diversity and Inclusion.
In which languages could you support a CD project (proficiency level should be adequate so that you could also hold presentations and do trainings in this language)?
English, Russian,
In which countries have you worked on CD projects?
US, Russia, Asia Pacific (Singapore, Hong Kong)
Experience in the following areas ...
Cluster twinning x
CSR in a cluster context x
Innovation in a cluster context x
Cluster based finance schemes x
Export Consortia development x
Monitoring & Evaluation of CD projects x
Gender issues a cluster context x
Poverty alleviation through CD x
Development of BDS in a cluster context x
Energy efficiency in clusters x
Cluster policy advisory x

worked in min. 2 clusters on the respective issue and or drafted methodological texts on the subject
worked in/managed a project where the respective subject was an issue, but not directly implemented related activities
Have you ever worked as Cluster Development Agent (CDA)?
Have you been trained specifically on the UNIDO CD approach?
Have you ever been employed under a UNIDO cluster development project?
How many clusters have you assisted as a CDA?
# 1
In which sectors have you worked on CD projects?
Manufacturing of computer, electronic and optical products
Information and communication
Arts, entertainment and recreation