UNIDO - Cluster Development - Expert Network
Gökçe Yalçın
First Name Gökçe
Last Name Yalçın
Institution/Company VEGO CONSULTING LTD. CO.
Country of Residence   Turkey
City of Residence IZMIR
Phone +905324620594
Website www.vego.com.tr
E-mail g.yalcin@vego.com.tr
Cluster Quote that's ok, human inside!

20 years of senior management experience in both national and
multinational corporations. More than 15 years at top executive level
with full responsibility in different industries, sustainably achieving
success in revenue, profit, and business growth objectives under
dynamic and highly competitive business environments. Developed
extensive knowledge & experience in business strategy with deep
understanding of critical business drivers. Led and motivated
multiple teams as CEO of a Holding Company employing more than
500 employees and acted as a member of the board in charge of
business development. As an entrepreneur, seamlessly extended
core professional skills to co-create a boutique management
consulting company, focusing on corporate strategy, change
leadership and result oriented, performance-driven execution for
single companies, clusters and for industries.

Founding and Managing Partner of VEGO Consulting Izmir, Turkey
since 2007 , specialised in;
• Consulting Enterprises in Change management, Strategic
Management, Export, Marketing, Branding, Supply Chain
Management, Innovation.
• Consulting and Training in Donor Funded Projects, on Cluster
Development, Entrepreneurship, Export Development, Innovation
Worked for UNIDO Cluster Development projects between 2010-
2016 in Turkey and Montenegro and Plastic & Chemicals Sector
Development project in Kuwait.
Worked as nonkey Expert for EU funded Cluster Development
Project in Turkey, established Cluster Info Spots in 5 provinces and
designed and developed 12 clusters. Supported the Turkish Ministry
of Economy for Cluster Policies.

In which languages could you support a CD project (proficiency level should be adequate so that you could also hold presentations and do trainings in this language)?

In which countries have you worked on CD projects?
Montenegro, Turkey, Kuwait
Experience in the following areas ...
Cluster twinning x
CSR in a cluster context x
Innovation in a cluster context x
Cluster based finance schemes x
Export Consortia development x
Monitoring & Evaluation of CD projects x
Gender issues a cluster context x
Poverty alleviation through CD x
Development of BDS in a cluster context x
Energy efficiency in clusters x
Cluster policy advisory x

worked in min. 2 clusters on the respective issue and or drafted methodological texts on the subject
worked in/managed a project where the respective subject was an issue, but not directly implemented related activities
Have you ever worked as Cluster Development Agent (CDA)?
Have you been trained specifically on the UNIDO CD approach?
Have you ever been employed under a UNIDO cluster development project?
How many clusters have you assisted as a CDA?
# none
In which sectors have you worked on CD projects?
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Manufacturing of food products
Manufacturing of beverages
Manufacturing of textiles
Manufacturing of wood products and/or furniture
Manufacturing of coke and refined petroleum products
Manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products
Manufacturing of basic metals and metal products
Manufacturing of machinery and equipment